Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Example of a Students' Fairy Tale


I was very sick and I didn't have anything to do, so I called my daughter and asked her if she and my granddaughter could go to my house. She said that she couldn’t, but my granddaughter could and she’d bring some candy to me.
Foldable for reading activity

The girl picked up her bicycle and went to my house. She went through the park, because it was faster. She couldn’t talk to strangers, but one wolf stopped her and asked where she was going, as she was very sweet, polite and didn’t lie, she said and showed him, how he would arrive at my house. He ran fast and arrived at my house, pretending to be my granddaughter.

However I’m very smart and I was suspicious, in fact I looked at my surveillance camera and saw who he was. So I called the police and they arrested him. My granddaughter arrived and I told her the story, she was sorry about her innocence. Then, we ate a lot and the wolf couldn’t carry out his evil plan.

(Written by Natália -Juvenile 74)

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