Current Cyberspaces

Google Site - This is a site we are using with our English Microscholarship Program. Google sites is very user friendly and integrated with Google Apps for Education. You cam easily insert forms, videos, slideshows, and other artifacts into it. Finally it can be customized into very attractive layouts.

Netvives Blogging Portal - Netivibes is an aggregator that allows you to post rss and helps keeping you updated on blogs or websites your follow. I am using it to have all my students' blogs on a single page.

Social Networking CTJ Learning This is a social networking website my students use to post their assignments and do other things that one normally does in social networking services.

English Access Program
Wikispaces wiki where students have pages to post their digital activities. This is a pilot group in which students use iPads to create content. 

Wiki CTJ Teens
This is a website for students to post their work and learn English while using the web. There are different folders for different groups of students.

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