Friday, November 05, 2010

From darkness to a sparkling connected ELT community

From darkness to a sparkling connected ELT community Brasilia BRAZ-TESOL Key note by Claudio Azevedo blogger of movie segments had some knowledge about computers but was only absorbing information. He had the feeling he was a blood sucker. He wanted to learn about technology to share what he knew All of us had to adapt to technology : VCR, cassette players. Miracles do not happen. You have to take action. You cannot wait for the institution. Once you start doing something you start learning A blog about what? Blog about what you do best. You should be committed to provide information, be aware of trends, checking visitors, being responsible/accountable for your readers. Recognition
First from colleagues and later from a wider community. Recognition is what motivates us.

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rddietrich said...

Love your blog. It has so much relevant information. I'll be back for sure!

Beijinhos from Portugal,


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